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Hi there,

I'm a UI/UX designer & developer, photographer & all-round tech guru based in Amsterdam.

I craft elegant, refined & intuitive design interfaces andidentities for businesses on web & print.

I provide conceptual design, web design, photography, e-marketing campaign & administrative services.

My aim create great online experiences, gain trust to win you business and make brands, big and small memorable.

20 years Agency Experience

I’ve worked with various design agencies across London including BPL Marketing, Jinnee and award-winning agency - The Team, before moving on to providing consulting services at Moet Hennessy Europe.

That means I’m pretty meta at a lot of the usual buzzwords like:


I’ve designed, built, networked & programmed computers for the greater part of 27 years and I’m kinda smitten with this web stuff. Go figure I spend all my free time reading about it too.


I originally self-taught design/programming & photography and later on went on to confirm what I already knew at Middlesex University & Central St. Martins (University of Arts) in London.

Let's get personal...

My hobbies include travelling, photography, badminton, rock climbing, cinema and general tech-nerdery.

I'm currently doing freelance work that I believe will have a positive impact on this world, in small and big ways, sometimes both at the same time.

I  ❤️ what I do.

A few more of my favourite things


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