Web Design
May 9, 2016

Client requirements

A microsite to launch one hour chilled delivery for their new champagne made to have with Ice.

UX Considerations

Limited logistics made delivery of chilled champagne limited to just a few areas, so to reduce frustration in case the champagne wasn’t deliverable, I made location the 1st UX port of call in step 1 at the very top. My solution was to design an interface that puts the location tracker at the very top to avoid disappointment in case delivery was not possible.

That way, the user journey by entering their postcode, if the postcode is not delivered to, then they would be notified immediately. Typically delivery isn't stated until the checkout stage, at which point having committed a fair amount of time already to through the purchase funnel, to have delivery fail at that stage would truly frustrate the user.

The top hero image is animated with the skyline fading, and clouds moving to show the passage of time.

I created all aspects of the microsite from UI/UX design, graphics, animation, coding implementation on top of the Demandware CMS.


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