Product photography, image retouching
February 22, 2017

Client requirements

Moët Hennessy (MH) Selection has an exhaustive catalog of hundreds of products, and therefore hundreds of product shots. At first, I acted as art director and liaison between MH and their external photography agency planning and ensuring we received the required images from them, handling product and delivery logistics. This later became a service I took on entirely and produced for MH inhouse.

I later interpreted and then rewrote their photography guidelines and brief and established a photo studio in-house to photograph, retouch and supply the photography in multiple formats for their e-commerce portal. Providing complicated product variations such as portrait, landscape, dark and light backgrounds, ensuring consistency, clarity and high quality images.


Producing such a high volume (hundreds of images) of imagery consistently requires a dedicated setup with soft-boxes, light boxes, reflectors, mirror bases and fine attention to detail. Criteria such as making sure reflections on the reflective glass surfaces needed to be maintained, shadows consistent, angles & elevation measured. Details such as there needing to be 2 light streaks reflected through all the products needed to be consistent. Everything had to be faultless and meticulous.


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